How do I see the VAT on my products in my reports?

For Surfpay merchants using our POS (ECR), there is a clear overview of the VAT on your products in the Z-day reports we send out. Here is a guide on how to find and understand the VAT amounts in your reports:

VAT in Z-Day Reports

  1. What is a Z-Day Report?

    • A Z-Day report is a summary of the day's transactions, including total sales, VAT, and other relevant information. This report helps you keep track of your daily turnover and the VAT on your sold products.
  2. Where do I see the VAT?

    • In the Z-Day report, the VAT will be specified along with each product's sales amount. You will find a detailed breakdown of VAT amounts for each product category.
  3. How do I receive my Z-Day Report?

    • We send out the Z-Day reports daily to your registered email address. You can also access these reports via your Merchant Portal.

Accessing Z-Day Reports

To view your Z-Day reports, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Portal:

  2. Navigate to Z-Day Reports:

    • On the dashboard, go to the “Reports” section.
    • Select “Z-Day Reports” to view detailed information about your daily transactions and VAT.

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