Why is a transaction missing from the app?

Try to update the transactions list to make sure it's visible

Have you received a payment but cannot see the transaction in the app?

For the Surfpay POS app:

This issue can occur when the app is closed before the QR code is shown after a successful transaction. Please make sure to not close the app after seeing approval from the PIN app but wait until you are redirected back to Surfpay and see the QR code on the screen. Then you should not experience this issue again.

For the SurfpayOne terminal:

If you use the touchscreen to pull down you will manually trigger an update, where the latest transactions are being fetched.

You can also log in to your Merchant portal with your Surfpay login details at https://surfboardmerchant.com to make sure that the transaction is visible.

If you still need help with a missing transaction, please contact our support who will make sure the transaction gets displayed in the app. Note that you need to close and reopen the app after it has been fixed in order to see the transaction.