Find a transaction through a search

Use our transaction search functionality to easily find the transaction you are looking for

Our transaction search functionality allows you to search for specific transactions quickly and efficiently. Simply enter relevant keywords, dates, or transaction details to narrow down your search and locate the exact transaction you are looking for. This feature is designed to streamline the process of finding specific transactions within our system, saving you time and effort.


This feature lets you search for any transaction based on these parameters:

  • Transaction ID
  • Order ID
  • Card brand (e.g. Visa or Mastercard)
  • Truncated PAN, a.k.a. the last four digits on a card (credit or debit)
  • External reference
  • Card issuer country
  • Order type (e.g. purchase or return)
  • RRN

You just enter what you are looking for and our search engine takes care of the rest.

You can access your new search functionality here: