What is a store?

A store is an outlet which holds one or more terminals

A store in the Merchant Portal is an outlet. In each store, you can register one or more terminals.

Under Stores, all of your stores are visible and searchable. You can also create a new store by pressing the green button in the top right corner.

A store can be either a physical store or an online store. You can register more than one store (outlet) in your actual physical store location. For example, if you have a restaurant you might want to distinguish between the restaurant area and the bar area. In this case, you could create a new store on the same address, but call it something like "The Bar" instead.

Once you have created your desired stores, you can register our terminals with them. If you have already registered a terminal to one store, but then created another one, you can just go into that specific terminal and change the store with one click.