How to register your terminal

If you need to register your terminal, you do so by signing in to your Surfboard Merchant Portal.

You log in with your Surfboard credentials. If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it here:

1. Visit Surfboard Merchant → Terminals

Here are all your terminals, by clicking the +Register new terminal in the top right corner, you can register your new terminal (accessible from this link:

2. Enter terminal details

Terminal name: This is the internal name for your terminal, only visible in the Merchant Portal.

Registration ID: Enter the registration ID shown on your terminal screen.

Select store: Make sure to connect this to the store you wish to use the terminal. If you cannot find the store, you might need to create it. To create a new store, visit

You can change the store for the terminal later as well. Change store by clicking on the terminal from the terminal list, and then select another store to connect it to and update it.