What are the details of a transaction?

When you enter a detailed view of a transaction by clicking on the transaction in the list, you'll get more information about it.

In this view you'll see:

  • Total amount: The total amount of the transaction and its currency
  • Date: The date of the transaction with exact timestamp
  • Transaction type: The type of transaction. This can be purchase or return, full return, or partial return.
  • Method: This is the used payment method.
  • Details: The details are based on the payment method. For card, you'll see these:
    • Card brand and truncated PAN (4 last digits in the card number)
    • Issuer country, where the card was issued
    • Interchange domain (in your domestic country or international), card category (commercial or private), and card usage (credit, debit, pre-paid)
  • Terminal: The active Surfboard terminal performing the transaction. This is a link, so you can click on it to go directly to the terminal to change or view its settings and details.
  • Store: The active Surfboard store in which the transaction was performed. This is also a link, so you can visit the store for details or settings within your Merchant Portal.
  • Status: Whether or not the transaction was approved
  • Settlement status: If the transaction has been settled yet
  • Fee: The fee you pay if the transaction is settled
  • Payout: The amount, minus the fee that you get in the settlement

Your transaction details can also include the order details if they are specified when the transaction is done. You can also send out and print receipts from here, and void the transaction if that is enabled for your merchant account.