Where can I see the VAT?

For card payments, we do not charge VAT

When reviewing your settlement report, it's important to understand how VAT (Value Added Tax) is applied to different types of transactions. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • Card Transactions:

    • No VAT Charged by Surfboard Payments: For card transactions processed through us, we do not charge VAT. Therefore, you will not see any VAT amount in your settlement report for these transactions. This applies to all card transactions, including credit and debit cards.
    • Reason: The nature of card payment processing involves various fees, but VAT is not one of them. Any applicable VAT related to goods or services sold should be managed and accounted for in your own business's financial records.
  • Swish Payments:

    • VAT Charged: Unlike card transactions, Swish payments include VAT. This VAT is applied to the transaction and will be visible in your settlement report.
    • Where to Find VAT on Swish Payments: In your settlement report, the VAT for Swish payments will be listed separately. You can identify it under the specific transaction details section where Swish payments are itemized.

Accessing Your Settlement Report

To view your settlement report, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Portal:

  2. Navigate to Settlement Reports:

    • In the dashboard, go to the “Reports” section.
    • Select “Settlement Reports” to view detailed transaction information.
  3. Review Transaction Details:

    • Find the specific transactions you are interested in.
    • For card transactions, you will see no VAT line item.
    • For Swish payments, look for the VAT line item listed alongside the transaction amount.

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