How do I connect SurfPad to WiFi or mobile network?

SurfPad can connect with both WiFi and mobile networks (through the built-in SIM card). If WiFi is unavailable, SurfPad can still operate by connecting to the mobile network. However, we recommend using WiFi for consistent connectivity.

Note: SurfPad only supports 2.4GHz WiFi bands.

If your SurfPad terminal is not connected to WiFi, or if you have changed WiFi and need to set a new one, you can access the WiFi setup menu directly on the terminal screen. You can also change the settings from your Merchant Portal at

Connect to WiFi

1. On the connection screen, press the number keys in the following order - 6 2 6 8. A list of available WiFi networks will appear.

2. Select your preferred WiFi network

3. Enter the WiFi password