What are the possible reasons for payment failures?

The most common problem is no internet connection

For the Surfpay POS app, the payment might have failed due to multiple reasons, such as: 
  •  Terminal not installed (Surfboard PIN app) 
  •  Failure to update the apps
  •  Device internet issues

For the SurfpayOne terminal, the most common problem is:

  • No internet connection. Either your WiFi is not working, or the SIM card cannot reach any nearby cell tower due to energy glass on the building, placement in the basement or similar.
  • The terminal is no up-to-date. Try to restart the terminal by holding the On/Off button on the right hand side for a couple of seconds until the Restart option appears.
  • To force a restart, if the button is not working, remove the battery by removing the plastic on the back of the terminal.

Contact the support team for help.